Luxyline 3D carbon fiber vinyl wrap sticker 50cm glossy black

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Compatible avec tous les véhicules.
The Luxyline carbon fiber vinyl is a 3D-textured thermoformable vinyl sticker, which perfectly imitates the texture of the carbon fiber and offers excellent durability both inside and outside the car (UV and weather resistance, from -40°C to +70°C). The aspect of the carbon fiber is, either visually or to the touch, very realistic due to the light and reflexions effects that give a real contrast to all parts covered by this sticker.

High quality foil having a thickness of 220 microns. The adhesive is directly inspired by 3M Technologies, with micro-grooves that help removing air bubbles without trouble during fitting.

The adhesive also uses the "slow setting" Technology, which allows it to be repositioned several times without compromising its final bond. As for the thermoforming process, simply heat the foil with a hair dryer during installation. The foil can be up to 150% stretched. The fitting is very intuitive, everyone can do it!

This product is perfect for use on the outside of the vehicle: hood, roof, spoiler, bumpers, rearview mirrors, handles, fuel flap... but also inside the car: inserts and dashboards, rods, handles, steering wheel, fairings...
  • Thickness : 220 microns
  • Width : 50 cm
Luxyline 3D carbon fiber vinyl wrap sticker 50cm glossy black