Painting kit for brake calipers red

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Compatible avec tous les véhicules.
Complete kit to paint your 4 brake calipers (shoes or drums). Very easy to use, this kit will allow you to cover your brake calipers with ultra resistant paint (against solvents, grease, salt, etc.), and will prevent oxidation of your brake shoes. Maintenance is facilitated because the surface will be permanently smooth, therefore holding less dirt. You will get the same sports effects that can be found on the brake shoes of high-end and sports cars. (Porsche, Subaru, Brembo, etc.)

The kit consists of a cleaner spray, a paint, and a hardener. Paint will be made using a brush, to provide much thicker and stronger paint than what is usually obtained with sprays sold on the current market. In addition, the amount of paint supplied is sufficient for 2 coats (or 3 if done carefully). A documentation on how to apply it is provided. It is not necessary to remove your brake calipers.

WARNING: The cleaner will be removed from package for all deliveries outside metropolitan France (air safety regulations).

Brush and spatula come with the kit.
  • Cleaning spray : 400 ml
  • Paint : 150 gr
  • Hardener : 50 gr
  • Maximum temperature : 300 °C
Painting kit for brake calipers red